rmw (Remove to Waste)


rmw (ReMove to Waste) is a cross-platform command-line “trash can” utility. It can send files to your “Desktop” trash, or a completely separate folder; restore files and append a unique string to the filenames so they won’t be overwritten (duplication protection).

rmw is written in C, open source, and has a GNU GPLv3 License.


Build instructions and a detailed list of features and usage are documented in the README.

Remove to Waste usage output


rmw has been tested successfully on the following systems:

  • Centos 7.5
  • Debian 9,10
  • Mac OSX High Sierra (but see notes on this ticket)
  • Manjaro 19
  • OpenBSD 6.4
  • Slackware 14.2
  • Ubuntu 14.04

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