rmw (Remove to Waste)

Code Testing

The easiest way is to use the tests built into 'make'. See test/README for instructions. To learn the "inner-workings" of rmw, continue reading this page.

Method 1

By default (specified in the config file) rmw will not perform operations on your regular Trash folder; the configuration option for that is


rmw will create that folder and your personal configuration file ($HOME/.config/rmw/config) the first time it's run.

One method of testing is to change the HOME environmental variable at run time. At the command line, use:


(use `./rmw` if the program is not yet in your PATH)

rmw would detect your home directory as your present working directory, and would create the necessary directories. Now create a blank file:

touch tempfile

And then remove it to your temporary rmw trash folder:

HOME=$PWD rmw tempfile

tempfile would be moved to $PWD/.trash.rmw/files, and a `.trashinfo` file will be created in $PWD/.trash.rmw/info. The format of the .trashinfo file is the same that your Desktop trash uses:

[Trash Info] Path=/home/andy/src/rmw/tempfile DeletionDate=2017-11-17T13:44:04a

Now try

HOME=$PWD rmw -u

You'll see that tempfile has been restored to its original location.

Method 2

The following method is a little more complex

In rmw.h, change DATA_DIR

`#define DATA_DIR "/testing/.config/testrmw"`

Then build it.

Run the rebuilt binary to create that folder. Then copy '/etc/rmwrc' (if it's not there, try /usr/local/etc/ or the rmw source directory (./etc)) into it, and rename the newly-placed 'rmwrc' to 'config'.

Add a WASTE folder to the top of 'config', such as WASTE=$HOME/testing/.local/share/Trash.test

Comment out any other WASTE folders.

`~: mkdir $HOME/testing/.local/share/Trash.test`

Copy all the files from your regular Trash into the test folder:

cd $HOME/testing/.local/share/Trash.test
cp -a $HOME/.local/share/Trash/* .

Now run 'ls'. You should see 2 directories: files, info

Now 'cd' back to $HOME/testing

Create some unnecessary files.

touch {a..z}

will create 26 empty files, a-z.

`touch {1..10}`

will create 10 empty files, 1-10

You can now use 'rmw' on these files, or copy real files and directories into ~/testing to try it out.

Testing the purge feature

Setting the RMWTRASH environmental variable at run-time to "fake-year" will write the year 1999 to the DeletionDate string in the .trashinfo file.

RMWTRASH=fake-year rmw some.txt temp.asc files.doc

Then run rmw with the purge option

rmw -fg

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