rmw (ReMove to Waste)
API Documentation
Contributing to rmw

Coding Standards

The goal is to use GNU Coding Standards


If you submit a patch, please add yourself (along with your personal link) to https://github.com/theimpossibleastronaut.com/rmw/blob/master/AUTHORS.md "AUTHORS.md"


See Website Design for information specific to the rmw website.

Pull Requests

  1. Join the chat room so if any problems arise, you can get support.
  1. Fork the rmw repo
  2. Clone it to your computer
  3. When you're ready to work on an issue, be sure you're on the master branch. From there, create a separate branch (e.g. issue_32)
  4. Make your changes. If you're unsure of some details while you're making edits, you can discuss them with me in the chat room (Slack workspace) or the RMW SourceForge Forum.
  5. Commit your changes. git-cola is a nice GUI front-end for adding files and entering commit messages (git-cola is probably available from your OS repository).
  6. Push the working branch (e.g. issue_32) to your remote fork.
  7. Make the pull request (on the upstream master branch)
    • Do not merge it with the master branch on your fork. That would result in multiple, or unrelated patches being included in a single PR.
  8. If any further changes need to be made, I will discuss them with you.


Periodically, you'll need to sync your repo with the upstream. GitHub has instructions for doing this


Up-to-date contact information can be found on the Home Page